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Brown, Wylbert,  The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You
Clippings, 1946-1977
Copyright ( The Eyes of Texas )
Correspondence from John Lang Sinclair and Copyright paperwork for Eyes of Texas, 1935-1939
Correspondence, newspaper clippings and legal petitions regarding Wylbert Brown and Eyes of Texas; 1968-1964
Correspondence with Denick Smith and Southern Music Company regarding Eyes of Texas, 1946-1949
Correspondence with Eyes of Texas Tours and Whittle Music Company; 1970 and 1976
Documents and Correspondence related to Copyright of Eyes of Texas, UT Student Association, and Wylbert Brown; 1950-1957
The Eyes of Texas
Eyes of Texas. Article (Valerie Davis)
Eyes of Texas, legislation, 1935-6, 1950, 1965
Eyes of Texas - UT
Eyes of Texas - UT
Eyes of Texas - UT
Eyes of Texas - UT
Eyes of Texas - UT, 1930-1964
Miscellaneous Copyright notes, Newspaper Articles and Legal Contracts involving Wylbert Brown and Eyes of Texas; 1981-1986
Miscellaneous Documents, Bills, and Correspondence related to Eyes of Texas, 1924, 1960, undated
MSS of lyrics to Eyes of Texas
Prather, William Lambdin (President of University of Texas)