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Brown, Wylbert,  The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You
Clippings, 1946-1977
Copyright ( The Eyes of Texas )
Correspondence from John Lang Sinclair and Copyright paperwork for Eyes of Texas, 1935-1939
Correspondence, newspaper clippings and legal petitions regarding Wylbert Brown and Eyes of Texas; 1968-1964
Correspondence with Denick Smith and Southern Music Company regarding Eyes of Texas, 1946-1949
Correspondence with Eyes of Texas Tours and Whittle Music Company; 1970 and 1976
Documents and Correspondence related to Copyright of Eyes of Texas, UT Student Association, and Wylbert Brown; 1950-1957
The Eyes of Texas
Eyes of Texas. Article (Valerie Davis)
Eyes of Texas, legislation, 1935-6, 1950, 1965
Miscellaneous Copyright notes, Newspaper Articles and Legal Contracts involving Wylbert Brown and Eyes of Texas; 1981-1986
Miscellaneous Documents, Bills, and Correspondence related to Eyes of Texas, 1924, 1960, undated
MSS of lyrics to Eyes of Texas
Prather, William Lambdin (President of University of Texas)
School Songs 1903-1904, 1918, 1939, 1974
Sinclair, John Lang
Special Songs Files, The Eyes of Texas
Subject files John Lang Sinclair
University of Texas Eyes of Texas Controversey