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"A Long Shadow: Remembering the Life and Work of Cliff Olofson"
Architectural News Magazine article, March 1, 1972
"Arming the Occupation"
"Arthur Temple"
Articles reprinted from fall semester 1991 issues of On Campus newspaper
"Austin and Indonesia" and "Environmental Liability"
Battle Acts, Volume 1, Number 5, April-May 1971
"Brother Roloff Is Not Kosher"
"Building a Social Foundation"
Cover and article in Life Magazine covering the Whitman Sniper Tragedy
Cover of Time magazine with photo of Charles Whitman
Datamation Magazine article and corresponding letter, 1968
Datamation Magazine article, July 22, 1968
Dyke Digest, October 1978
Goodbye To All That, A Lesbian Feminist Publication, Vol. 3 No. 6, June 1977
"Ground Zero"
"He Did Good"
"Hillary Goes Up the Hill"
Honeywell Computer Journal Volume. 5 No. 4, 1971
"How Bad Is It?"