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"Aims of Industrial Society No Longer Satisfying"
American Friends of Spanish Democracy
"Athletics Rank 5 to 4 Favorites Over Cardinals"
"Banker Willing to Steer Party"
"Bernard Rapoport / Philanthropic ways have made him a Horatio Alger Award Winner"
"Billy Goldberg, the Humanitarian: Changing Youth Cause Concern"
"Both Insulls Indicted for Embezzlement"
"Brown Wins Labor Battle"
"CIO Forms Broad Program for Political and Economic Action"
"Clinton Takes Oath as 42nd President Asking Sacrifice, Promising Renewal"
Committee Vote Favors Sulphur Probe, pages 1 and 3
"Communists Deny Party Responsible for Labor Violence"
"Communists Nominate Homer Brooks"
Communists? U.T. Students Don't Know Any, page 1
Constitution of the Republic of Texas
"Controversial scholarship bill reaches Bush's desk"
Cover of March 13, 1968 Texas AFL-CIO News
"Crosby One of Syndicate Buying Bucs", page 8, 17
"Crowd Applauds Witnesses as Technicalities Raised During First Red Hearings"
"Darrow Condemns Tariff Policy of U.S.; Reveals Human Side to Reporters", page 2