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Admissions, tuition
Admissions, tuition
Angela Davis at UT 1-15-90
Angela Davis, Women, Race and Class
Angela Davis, Women, Race and Class
Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing, June 27, 1973
Austin's notes of 1824 Karankawa Expedition
Austin's notes of 1824 Karankawa Expedition
Breakdown of votes in Senate for the override of President Nixon's veto of the OMB bill, [May 1973]
C-SPAN appearance notes regarding allegation against Jim Wright, April 10, 1989
Chapter CXCIV, Function of the House in Impeachment, undated
Clocks in the White House Collection Acquired Prior to 1961, undated
Congressional Research Service report regarding Brook's request for alternatives to the present method of selecting nominees for the Vice Presidency, undated
Copy of article End Discrimination to Hold Onto Federal Funding with handwritten note
Count on Iran mail, undated
Democratic Caucus Majority Leader Vote, December 6, 1976
Dismissal of suit on San Clemente and Key Biscayne, undated
Donald Alexander Letter to the Special Prosecutor, undated
Draft Articles of Impeachment, July 1974
Draft of Declaration of Democratic Support, undated