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Campaign brochure for Joseph G. Wood
Celebrate March 2 pamphlet
Chicago program inauguration program
Colorado and Red River Land Company
Cover of Mark Twain Journal
Crawford Martin for Attorney General
Don Yarborough
How Senator Ralph Yarborough Works For You
The Legion of Liberty, remonstrance of some free men, states, and presses to the Texas Rebellion
"McGovern/Shriver Democrats for Texas"
The official program of the 1952 Democratic National Convention
"Pacem in Terris III"
Page 32 of Democratic National Convention Official Program
Page 78 of the 1952 official program of the Democratic National Convention
Pamphlet listing Registered Student Organizations with the University
Photograph of Frank E. McKinney
Photograph of Thomas E. Dewey
Promote Congressman Jim Wright to the U.S. Senate
Ralph Yarborough Governor of Texas