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Copy of Resolutions Submitted to Dean H. R. Gipson
Copy of text of the resolution of the "Negro" women of the University of Texas
Draft of a Committee on Government Operations resolution regarding subpeonas related to its investigation into the expenditure of federal funds on private properties, [February 28, 1973]
D.S., pp. 1-1v
D.S., pp. 1-1v
E. 2/17/1801, 8/5/1801, pp. 1-1v
E. 3/13/1768-3/25/1769, pp. 1-4
E. 6/1/1799-4/27/1799, pp. 1-2
E. 9/26/1800-8/13/1801, pp. 1-1v
Grasshopper Resolution presented to John Henry Faulk
Order on the implementation of standardization goals, undated
Resolution Adopted by the General Faculty on Reelection of Dr. Homer P. Rainey
Resolution endorsed by the UT Law Faculty
Resolution of Sons of Confederate Veterans, John B. Hood Camp No. 1224, Dallas, Texas
Resolution of the Board of Trustees of Brackenridge Hospital
Resolution of the General Faculty for an upcoming meeting
Resolution on increased cooperation in alliance arms procurement, undated
Resolution passed by UT Students' Association
Resolution presented in the Student Assembly of the University of Texas
Resolution regarding sex discrimination passed by the Women's Activities Coordinating Committee