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47 Times Its Own Weight/Star Crossed
Armadillo Ad, 6/7/1974
Armadillo Radio Ad for Thursday - Greezy Wheels
Balcones Fault (spot), 1/16/1975
Bobby Doyle Band
Brian's Recording Studio: is Greezy Wheels advert benefit for Greenbriar school in Bastrop
City Limits
Crowd, orders for Lone Star, music, mixed sound effects
Doak Snead Band
Freddie - Lone Star
Greezy Wheels
Jim McElwaine - Songs
John Early Band
Joni Mitchell - "A Case of You
Radio Spot for 2nd Full Moon Concert with Balcones Fault on July 22
Radio spot for Armadillo November Calendar
Radio spot for Armadillo November Calendar for KLBJ
Radio spot for Armadillo show, 6/4/1974