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AIDS Memorial Quilt display , 1989
Al Gore and Tom Foley,  November 1989.
American soldier in Kuwait, 1994
Barbara Bush and family pet
Bill Clinton, circa 1993-2001
Bill Gates plays golf, 1994
Billy Carter testifies on dealings with Libya, 1980
Bob Beamon
Boys in a tree house
Brooks Robinson, Dave McNally, 1966 World Series
Bush campaign, 1992
Bush supporters, 1992
Chief Justice William Rehnquist, after confirmation, 1986
Death Row inmate, Angola State Prison, 1985
Desert Storm welcome home parade
Detroit sign board walker dressed like Charlie Chaplin, 1983
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat,1978
George Bush 1992 presidential campaign
George Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush, 1988
George Bush, presidential campaign, 1992