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Telegram from Lyndon B. Johnson to Jack Brooks, December 18, 1963
Letter from constituent to Jack Brooks, March 5, 1973
Statement by Raymond Lapin regarding his dismissal, December 2, 1969
Letter from Jack Brooks to Ed Edmondson, July 17, 1962.
Handwritten notes from Judiciary Committee meeting, April 25, 1974
Materials regarding Government Activities Subcommittee hearings
Constituent correspondence regarding the Southern Manifesto
Correspondence regarding Texas redistricting legislation
Constituent correspondence regarding the McGee Bend Dam, 1957
Recording of radio broadcast, January 24, 1954
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, February 11, 1964
Photograph of Jack Brooks, May 8, 1965
Newspaper clipping from the Washington Post, March 12, 1975
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, April 24, 1997
Note from a supporter to Jack Brooks, November 10, 1994
Constituent correspondence regarding gun control
Correspondence regarding Attorney General William Saxbe
Letter from Jack Brooks to the vice president of Tenneco Inc., April 30, 1969
Note to Bill Jones, [July 12, 1978]
Letter from Jack Brooks to constituents, April 13, 1977