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"$500,000 Sneeze? Not Faulk"
December 4, 1968 journal entry about Israel
"Faulk wins $3.5 Million In Libel Suit"
Grasshopper Resolution presented to John Henry Faulk
John Henry Faulk
John Henry Faulk, Plaintiff, Complaint against Aware, Inc., Laurence Johnson and Vincent Hartnett
John Henry Faulk Training Goat
John Henry Faulk's Bachelor of Arts diploma from the University of Texas
Letter from American Red Cross regarding John Henry Faulk
Letter from Cactus Pryor to John Henry Faulk
Letter from Lansing Shield to Larry A. Johnson
"McGovern Women Bus Through South"
Photograph of John Henry Faulk in his apartment
United States District Court for the Southern Division of Texas