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[Al Jennings and unidentified young woman]
[Al Jennings (center), J, Frank Norfleet ? (right), and unidentified man]
Al Jennings, Roy W. Aldrich, and Elfego Baca
Alpine looking west
Apache Ranch
Apache Ranch
Barrels of illegal alcohol
[Big Bend area of the Rio Grande in Texas]
Bloys Camp meeting
Bob Younger
Bootlegging equipment in a truck
Buildings and a street light in Terlingua, Texas
Capote Mountain, Brite Ranch
Capt. John R. Hughes kneeling, Ed and Ira Aten standing behinf hughes, Ed Bryant on right
Capt. R. W. Aldrich, Capt. John R. Hughes
Capt. Roy W. Aldrich
Captain Roy W. Aldrich
Captain Roy W. Aldrich
Catarina Ranch
Century plant in full bloom - 30 feet high