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1958-1959 College Facts Chart prepared by the National Beta Club, Spartanburg, SC
Application for Public Assembly or Demonstration to the UT Austin Student Activities Office – Includes sketch of map of planned rally/march
Article from unknown source: "Integration Subject of Panel Discussion"
Article: "Regents, Attorney General to File Separate Suit Motions," undated
"Boycott Leaflet" put out by Students for a Democratic Society
Brochure for the Texas Association of Women Deans and Counselors Summer Work Conference at UT
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Frank Salzhandler Beached"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Orange Jackets Select Initiates"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Swimmer Barred Over Hair Issue"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Swimmer Blocked in Appeal"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Swimmer Cuts Hair 1 Inch"
Copy of letter from Mr. Tom Sealy, former Chairman of the Board of Regents to Miss Nancy McMeans
Correspondence between UT Dean of Students Glenn E. Barnett and Mr. Thomas Hudson McKee
Correspondence regarding the integration of Halstead Co-op
Cover and article in Life Magazine covering the Whitman Sniper Tragedy
Cover of Time magazine with photo of Charles Whitman
Daily Texan article: "Faculty Resolution To Seek Integration"
Daily Texan article: "Integration Poll Wins in Record Voting: CBA Votes ‘No’ in Query On Athletics"
Daily Texan article: "Integration Statement"
Daily Texan article: "Mall Requests OK'd by CSO"