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Article: "Gregory Releases Plans For Student Union Project" with pictures
Brochure with floor plans for the Women's Physical Education Building at The University of Texas at Austin,
Building for better citizenship at Texas – Printed material
Clothing patch for the Triggerettes, women¹s rifle club, undated
Club Room
Club Room
Group of ladies at Tee Club practice, undated
Group shot of UT Turtle Club
Intramural Committee, 1934-1935
Pages of photos and captions of Women's Intramurals, 1954-1955
Photograph of divers and swimmers, unknown photographer, undated
Photograph of group of ladies playing volleyball, undated
Photograph of Picnic luncheon – Twin Oaks – Sports Day
Photograph of two ladies golfing with the UT Tower in the background.
Photograph of UT Fencing Team/Club, undated
Photograph of women's badminton team/club
Posed photo of Racket Club
Posed photo of Racket Club, undated
Posed photo of volleyball team/club, undated
T-Night Program