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[Al Jennings and unidentified young woman]
Al Jennings, Roy W. Aldrich, and Elfego Baca
Capt. Roy W. Aldrich
Department of Public Safety
Elfego Baca, Al Jennings and J. Frank Norfleet
[Group of men around a campfire at Old West reunion]
[Group of men standing in front of chuck wagon]
J. Frank Norfleet (left)
[Joe Brooks, et al, Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas]
Kit Carson III
MacArthur, General
[Men standing next to saddle and other artifacts of the Old West]
[Participants in Old West Reunion]
[Roy Aldrich and Joe Brooks]
Roy Aldrich and Joe Brooks ?
Roy Aldrich (left) and Kit Carson, III
Roy Aldrich (left) and Kit Carson, III
[Roy W. Aldrich]
Shivers, Gov.
Shivers, Gov.