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1st Cavalry Division soldiers dash through cemetery-battlefield
Army nurse 2nd Lt. Roberta Steele
Army nurses 1st Lieutenant Sharon Forman and 2nd Lietenant Roberta Steele
B-52 bomb crater used by Air Cavalrymen in Vietnam
Bentsen in Vietnam
Capt. Charles S. Robb directs movements of his company via radio in Vietnam
Ed Adams The Associated Press Saigon January 2, 1966
Eddie Adams napping
Escape through cemetery
Escape through cemetery
Evauation of wounded U.S. Marines
General Nguyen Ngoc Loan
Marine Sgt. Robert Provost
Pilot Leslie R. Leavoy
Suspected Viet Cong guerrilla captured
U.S. evacuation helicopter
U.S. Marines in Vietnam
U.S. Troops in Vietnam
Wounded hand of soldier in Vietnam
Wounded soldiers in Vietnam