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13th Floor Elevators & The Conqueroo Dance Concert
13th Floor Elevators, etc., Dance, Concert, Lightshow
13th Floor Elevators / Shiva's Headband
16th Annual Spayum-A- Rama
1951 Chevy
1980 Austin Punk Poster Art
2 Nice Girls / Child Bearing Hips
3 day stubble...
30th Annual Art Students Exhibition - Opening
Accelorator Building (left), Engineering Research (center), Lab (right)
Advanced Tactical Fighters MIDI files
Aerial photo of the University of Texas campus
Aerial views of campus, UT Tower and Main building
Afghan Wigs / Janis Eighteen / Pocket Fishermen
Agony Column / Near Dark / Rockbusters
Agriculture; Governor Bush's Inaugural Party
Al Kooper
Al Stewart
Albert S. Johnston statue