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"Annette Strauss, mayor of Dallas during turbulent times, dies at 74"
Appointment calendar, November 1963
"Bernard Rapoport / Philanthropic ways have made him a Horatio Alger Award Winner"
"Both Insulls Indicted for Embezzlement"
Certificate to Audre and Bernard Rapoport from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Charles Terrell
Charles Terrell
Charles Terrell
Correspondence between Bernard Rapoport, Oscar Mauzy and Saul Freedman with enclosed House Bill No. 1036
"Dallas and Fort Worth Save Connally Win"
"Dwight Eisenhower Elected; Democrats' Rule Ended"
Financial Trend: The Newsweekly of Southwestern Industry and Investments
"Former Mayor of Weatherford Big Surprise in Texas Politics"
Gramophone Tunes Yield to New Zale Drawing Cards
"His Job: Tame the Brazos"
Investment Research Memorandum by Eppler, Guerin & Turner, Inc. for American Income Life Insurance Company
Jess Hay
"Jester Buries Rainey Under Landslide Vote"
Jim Sale
Jim Sale