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Arleen Lawson oral history
"Billy Goldberg, the Humanitarian: Changing Youth Cause Concern"
"Brilab transcripts unveiled here"
"Brilab trial jury hears sound of alleged payoff"
"Communists Deny Party Responsible for Labor Violence"
"Communists Nominate Homer Brooks"
Complaint to J. R. Parten about Clarence Ayres' speech about income tax
Contract for Bernard Rapoport as Pioneer American Insurance Company district manager in San Antonio
Correspondence between Bernard Rapoport and James Calaway
Correspondence between J.R. Parten and the Dies Committee
"Dies' Man Says Communist Unit in University"
"Don Likely to Enter Race Today"
"Exploitation of Negroes is Hit by Smith"
"'Gravely Concerned' Judge Keeps Brilab Charges Alive"
J.R. Parten's resignation letter from Fund for the Republic
Letter from Homer Rainey to J.R. Parten regarding University of Colorado award
Letter from James Allred to J. R. Parten
Letter from J.R. Parten to Frances "Sissy" Farenthold
Letter from Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. to J. R. Parten