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8th Annual Bull Roast, Friday, June 9, 1989, Beaumont Hilton Hotel, "El Toro" Congressman Jack Brooks
An Act, Public Law 92-582, October 27, 1972
Additional Views of Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Additional Views of Hon. John N. Erlenborn and Hon. John W. Wydler, undated
An address on: ports and commerce, delivered by: the Honorable Jack Brooks, United States Congressman, from the 9th Congressional District of Texas, Port of the Sabine Propeller Club, 12:00 Noon, September 24, 1970, Royal Coach Inn, Beaumont, Texas
ADP Equipment, Hearings, Government Ops, 89th Congress, Ist Session on 4845, March 3, 1965
ADP Hearings photo of Jack Brooks, Dante Fascell, Edmund Buckley, Edward Gurney, March 31, 1965
AIA-CEC Public Affairs Conference Program, March 3, 1971
The American Institute of Architects Government Affairs Review, April 1, 1970
American Institute of Architects Newsletter, March 24, 1972
Angled photograph of the front of the courtroom during the Iran-Contra trials, 1987
Annotated draft of press release, September 23, 1964
Annotated speech draft regarding supersonic transport investment, undated
Annotated statement, 1965
Announcement for television release, March 30, 1965
Announcement from Chairman Lee Hamilton on Select Committee press liaison, February 17, 1987
Appointment book page, January 1, 1953
Appointment book page, January 2, 1953
Appointment book page, January 3, 1953
Appointment calendar, November 1963