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Handwritten notes from Judiciary Committee meeting, April 11, 1974
Impeachment article assignments, undated
Letter from Jack Brooks to Peter Rodino, April 28, 1975
Letter from John Doar, Special Counsel to Jack Brooks, dated March 8, 1974
Letter from Peter Rodino to Judge David Bazelon, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, March 20, 1974
Note from Sam Ervin, Jr. to Jack Brooks regarding his letter to Peter Rodino, November 13, 1973
Photograph of Jack Brooks and Peter Rodino, 1978
Photograph of Jack Brooks, Peter Rodino, and Gerald Ford, November 26, 1973
Photograph of Jack Brooks, undated [1987]
Remarks honoring Peter Rodino, March 11, 1980
Remarks of Mr. Brooks on Behalf of his Motion (to Authorize Subpoena Authority for Chairman), undated
Subpoena Authority, undated
Subpoena Resolution (to be offered by Mr. Brooks), undated
Unamimous Consent Request draft, undated