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"$3 million will support capital project, endowment"
"3 UT System regent picks announced"
"Anti-Moffett protests flare up"
Audre Rapoport, Bernard Rapoport, William Cunningham, Lady Bird Johnson, Isabella Cunningham, and nine unidentified individuals
Audre Rapoport with Connie Saathoff at University of Texas alumni event
"Austin and Indonesia" and "Environmental Liability"
Austin, Texas, January 26, 1945, Meeting No. 454
Austin, Texas, January 30, 1943, Meeting No. 434
Ben Barnes, Bernard Rapoport, Ken Bailey, and Ian J. Turpin at University of Texas event
"Berdahl has served in teaching and administrative capacities"
"Berdahl steers UT through transitions"
Bernard and Audre Rapoport at University of Texas Distinguished Alumnus event
Bernard and Audre Rapoport with group at University of Texas Performing Arts Center 25th Anniversary
Bernard Rapoport and Art Dilly with former Board of Regents
Bernard Rapoport at podium with Wales Madden, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and William Cunningham at University of Texas at Austin event
Bernard Rapoport at university graduation ceremony
Bernard Rapoport, Audre Rapoport, Kay Bailey Hutchison, William Cunningham, and Dan Burck at University of Texas at Austin event
Bernard Rapoport, Kit Moncrief, Bill Cunningham, and two unidentified women
Bernard Rapoport, Lady Bird Johnson, and William Cunningham