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Ad Hoc Committee Against the Regents' Rule
Article from the Austin American-Statesman: "Mixed signals, unintended lessons at UT"
Article from The Spark: "Student Occupation Of UT President's Office – The Inside Story"
Attached news clipping from the Dallas Morning News: "University Says No To SDS"
"Boycott Leaflet" put out by Students for a Democratic Society
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "National Convention Activity Topic of Local SDS Meet"
Clipping from the Daily Texan regarding Dr. Hackerman's decision re: SDS national meeting
Clipping from the Dallas Morning News: "At Last, Common Sense" with handwritten note
Copy of letter written by three members of the School of Law faculty to the Daily Texan
Daily Texan article: "Mall Requests OK'd by CSO"
Daily Texan article: "SDS Kicks Off ‘The Ten Days’ – Giant Monopoly Game Draws Many Players"
Daily Texan article: "Student Dissent Nothing New"
Daily Texan article: "’Ten Days’ Project Aims Against Imperialism, Racism"
Daily Texan coverage of peace march
Flier for a "Yippie Town Meeting"
Flier with details of racial assault at Don Weedon’s Conoco station in Austin
Fort Worth Star-Telegram article: "Federal Agents See Guerilla Skit at UT"
Freedom Platform! Handout
"Graffiti on the West Mall"/Anti-War protest
"Graffiti on the West Mall"/Anti-War protest