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Ad Hoc Committee Against the Regents' Rule
Clipping from the Dallas Morning News: "At Last, Common Sense" with handwritten note
Clothing patch for the Triggerettes, women¹s rifle club, undated
Letter from Foreman, Texas Cowboys requesting assistance in selecting new members
Letter from M. K. Woodward, UT School of Law, to President Hackerman regarding letter published in the Daily Texan
Letter from Ralph M. Logan, Jr., Laredo Junior College, to President Norman Hackerman
Letter regarding the refusal of the Youth International Party's application for the registration of a student organization
Letter to registered student organizations regarding appropriation requests
Memo from Student Activities Office to Presidents, Registered Student Organizations regarding List of members
Memo regarding non-student involvement in the affairs of registered student organizations
News clipping: "Denial Decision' Appalling'" sent to Dr. Hackerman with handwritten note
Newspaper clipping: "'Nude Revolution' Bid Slated at UT"
Pamphlet listing Registered Student Organizations with the University
Photograph of "Jr. and Sr. Swing Out"
Photograph of Model UN
Photograph of Senior Swing Out
Press Release that the Regents of the UT System suspended enforcement of their rule regarding attendance at campus meetings of registered student organizations
Signed letter from faculty members of the University to President Hackerman
Student Mobilization Committee to end the War in Vietnam Flier
UT News press release regarding UT student organizations