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Article: "Regents, Attorney General to File Separate Suit Motions," undated
Carylon (CT) Tyler oral history
Chronology of University policies concerning integration
Clipping from the Dallas Morning News: "UT Selects Counsel In Dormitory Suit"
Clipping from unknown source: "Suit To Integrate UofT Dormitories To Be Filed"
Correspondence regarding segregation in Kinsolving Dormitory
Daily Texan article: "Regents Decide To Go to Court"
Daily Texan article: "Three Negroes Visit Kinsolving Lobby Area"
Daily Texan article: "University Officials Named In Dorm Desegregation Suit"
Daily Texan clipping: "Dorm Rules Hit In Open Letter"
Desegregation letters
Eliza Dee Hall
Letter from Amos L. Herold, Retired Professor of English and author to UT President Dr. Joseph R. Smiley, UT President
Letter from Benjamin F. Wright to UT President Joseph R. Smiley regarding dormitory controversy
Letter from Betty Anne Thedford to the Members of the Board and Chancellor Ransom
Letter from Douglass J. Wilde to A. G. McNeese, Jr., UT Board of Regents
Letter from E. Ernest Goldstein to UT President with a clipping from a French newspaper concerning events at UT
Letter from Maurice Olian, President, Students’ Association reporting the outcome of a student meeting
Letter from Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Moody to the Board of Regents, University of Texas at Austin
Letter from Robert L. Montgomery, Jr., to Dr. Smiley, UT President