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92 St. Y New York, NY Singles Courtesy Tape
Ball State Women's Lecture
City of Arts San Francisco Molly Ivins (Rough Dub)
John Henry Faulk Conference on the 1st Ammendment
Molly Ivins at the West Virginia Cultural Center (Ned Chiton Leadership Lecture)
MTI Sex Panic Conf. NYC (NCAC "The Sex Panic: Women, Censorship, and "Pornography," )
Rally Day at Smith College
Side 2: Molly Ivins "Second Opinion"- The Progressive
Speech for the Idaho Chapter of the ACLU
Studs Terkel with Molly Ivins
Studs Terkel with Molly Ivins
University of Wisconsing Eau Claire
West Virginia Public Radio-Molly Ivins (Molly Ivins at the Ned Chilton Leadership Lecture)