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Additional Views of Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Address by Joseph A. Califano, Jr. before the Harvard Law School Association of the District of Columbia at the Washington Hotel, January 17, 1974
Annotated speech excerpts, July 24, 1974-July 30, 1974
Answers to possible arguments posed by minority against emoluments charge, undated
The appearance of guilt, Washington Post, Monday, April 22, 1974
Article II, Draft, July 27, 1974
Article II, pending, Draft 3, Doar, date unclear
Attorneys for Bill Clinton - Greg Craig, David Kendall, Charles Ruff
Background Information: White House Staff and President Nixon's Campaign Organizations, May 9, 1974
Brooks statement, Judiciary Committee, July 29, 1974
Brooks statement, Judiciary Committee, undated
CBS Survey, January 10, 1974
Chapter CXCIV, Function of the House in Impeachment, undated
Combined Detailed, impeachment article draft, undated
Combined General, impeachment article draft, undated
Document titled "President's Retirement," undated
Draft -- Additional Views of Congressman Jack Brooks, August 5, 1974
Draft article of impeachment, undated
Draft Remarks: The Nixon Pardon, September 11, 1974
Draft resolution of impeachment, January 29, 1974