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75th Anniversary – University of Texas Longhorn Band
Article from a newspaper in Lima, Peru featuring the UT Longhorn Band
Article from the Alcalde: The Biggest BOOM!!
Band members talking before Spring Concert
Band Twirlers and Drum Major, 1953-1954
"Blueprint For Action" – newsletter with front-page article on the U. of T. Band
Clipping from Austin American-Statesman: "ABC's tune up plays sour note on Texas band"
Congratulatory letter from Bryce Jordan to Vincent R. DiNino, Director of Longhorn Bands
Cover of program for The University of Texas Longhorn Band Valentine's Day Concert
Letter and packet of Longhorn Band Summer Newsletters
Letter from Arno Nowotny re: Band making up work missed to perform at the 49th George Washington Fiesta in Laredo
Letter from Arno Nowotny to Moton Crockett, Jr., former Longhorn Band Director, regarding his resignation
Letter from B. J. Whitted to Logan Wilson, regarding ex-Longhorn Band students and Longhorn Band issues
Letter from Councilman at Large to UT President Dr. Lorene Rogers commending the UT Longhorn Band
Letter from Dorman H. Winfrey, Director and Librarian, Texas State Library to Vincent R. DiNino
Letter from E. W. Doty to Dr. Homer P. Rainey
Letter from Ed Krenek, requesting  the UT Longhorn Band to be the lead band at a Loyalty Day Parade
Letter from George E. Hurt to Dr. Homer P. Rainey
Letter from Governor William P. Clements, Jr. to Peter Flawn commending the performance by the Longhorn Band
Letter from H. H. Ransom to Mr. B. J. Whitted regarding attached memorandum