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500 bbl. oil tank, Wooten, Larsen, Hawlen, Brasier, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]
502 Topila
Abdullah the Arab won
Abdullah the Arab won
[Aerial view of oil wells]
Aldona, Galica
Allan Shivers and Ima Hogg
[An oil well]
[An oil well in the hills]
Arkansas oil fire
Around Bradleys Corner Oct 26-19
Barbeque given by management to native workmen.  American waited on Mexican.  At Ebano.  Christmas celebrations 1912.
Beneath the surface of old mother earth lies harbored 89% of the wealth of the world!!
Big Lake Oil Co's Gas Plant
Big Lake Oil Field
Black Gold Spraying the Derrick of well on University Land
Boss Tong and native laborers preparing to build a rig at La Pitahaya
[Bottom of Oil Well]
Breckenridge Oil Fields
Breckenridge Oil Fields