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First vessel loaded with export oil at Port Arthur docks
East Texas Oil Field
Train loading racks, cistern siding, Antwerp
Illinois No. 3
Allan Shivers and Ima Hogg
East Texas Oil Fields
We Don't Give a Damn Sure Mike Bet Your Boots
Helium Gas Well on University Land
Laying A Pipeline
Oil finding device
East Texas Oil Field
Well No. 17
Spudding machine, Tampico oil district
One of 37 Gasoline Plants
The Oil Import Problem: An effective and desirable answer, Mineral Resources Security Act of 1958 (A proposed amendment to the Trade Agreement Act) [front cover]
New Object
Shipping oil, Story Farm, oil regions of Pennsylvania: Oil and Gas Collection
Curbstone oil stockbrockers, no. 10012
Duke Number 1
Corsicana [neighborhood full of oil derricks], about 1900