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Beaumont Enterprise, June 25, 1970 -- Editorial, Congressmen Back Bentsen
Declaration of Democratic Support, undated
Democratic Candidates' Campaign Conference Schedule, undated
Draft of Declaration of Democratic Support, undated
Draft of introductory remarks delivered by Jack Brooks for Dolph Briscoe at the Texas AFL-CIO COPE convention, March 3, 1972
Handwritten draft remarks, undated [September 1963]
Handwritten note regarding correspondence with local political figure, undated
Handwritten notes, [February 1968]
The Houston Chronicle voters guide questionnaire - general election, 1972
Identification card of Jack Brooks for the Democratic National Convention, 1976
Introduction of Senator Ralph Yarborough by Congressman Jack Brooks, Yarborough appreciation dinner, July 23, 1964, Beaumont
Issues that the press might ask Jack Brooks, October 20, 1988
Jack Brooks campaign sign, undated
Letter from a Beaumont KFDM television and radio station executive to Jack Brooks, January 18, 1960
Letter from a Beaumont lawyer to Jack Brooks, January 29, 1960
Letter from a Beaumont lawyer to Jack Brooks, June 5, 1961.
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, March 23, 1956.
Letter from a friend to Jack Brooks, June 16, 1954
Letter from a supporter to Jack Brooks, May 10, 1995
Letter from Democratic National Congressional Committee to Congresspeople, June 29, 1962