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Letter from Jack Brooks to Ed Edmondson, July 17, 1962.
Letter from a Beaumont lawyer to Jack Brooks, January 29, 1960
Photograph of Jack Brooks, 1977
Photograph of Jack Brooks speaking to constituents, 1977
Remarks of Honorable Jack Brooks, Press Conference, Jeff[erson] County Dem[ocratic] Headquarters, Thursday, September 5, 1996
Identification card of Jack Brooks for the Democratic National Convention, 1976
Memorandum To: members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, undated
Photograph of Jack Brooks and Charlotte Brooks, 1970
Letter from Janey Briscoe to Jack Brooks, March 20, 1972
News Release announcing Lyndon B. Johnson's appearance on Jack Brooks's TV Report to the Second District of Texas, April 4, 1956
Schedule of Events, undated
Remarks of Congressman Jack Brooks, business agents of building trades unions, Beaumont, Texas, Wednesday, October 25, 1978
Telegram from Jack Brooks to Allan Shivers, January 18, 1955
Draft of Declaration of Democratic Support, undated
Letter from Jack Brooks to Texas political figure, August 3, 1962
Letter from Maury Maverick to Jack Brooks, May 21, 1961
Photograph of Jack Brooks, October 1974
Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson to Jack Brooks, January 28, 1954
Letter from Jack Brooks to a supporter, May 24, 1995
Telegram from Jack Brooks to Dolph Briscoe, January 15, 1973