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"$500,000 Sneeze? Not Faulk"
An abridged history of UT racial intolerance, unknown source, Summer 1990
Adela Mancias oral history
"Andrew Jackson, where art thou?"
"Barkan Retires, Kicking All the Way"
Clipping from the Daily Texan: "Student groups demand ‘justice’ in police-related death of Nigerian"
Copy of article from Austin American-Statesman: "John Hargis, 1st Black to earn bachelor’s degree at UT, dies"
Cross Reference Sheet from UT Chancellor's Office noting separation of President Kennedy's letter to Thornton Hardie
Daily Texan article: "guest viewpoint: Sororities enjoy special privileges"
Daily Texan article: "New Assemblyman Jordan Breaks Political Race Barrier"
Deborah D. Tucker oral history
Equal Employment Opportunity – Employer Information Report
"Faulk wins $3.5 Million In Libel Suit"
"Fight for my Union?...Damn Right I Would"
"Former instructor sues FBI for withholding documents"
"Gutter Saint" accepts Nobel for poor, sick
John Henry Faulk, Plaintiff, Complaint against Aware, Inc., Laurence Johnson and Vincent Hartnett
Letter from Glenn E. Barnett, Dean of Students, regarding Texas Relays
Letter regarding programs at the University for female students, faculty, and staff
Letter sent to all fraternity nationals represented in the Texas Campus