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A & P [coffee display], no. 2019; Grocery stores
3072 [untitled]
Atlas newsstand with magazine front, no. 1909; Newspapers
Balfanz Pharmacy, no. 3309; Pharmacy
Bozelle & Jacobs, no. 10794; Trucks
Brenham Broom and Mop Works
Caldwell County News, Lockhart Steam Laundry Building
Cheatham's Flower Shop
Christmas at Levy's department store, no. 4870; Christmas and holiday
Corner Drug Store annual
Cosmetic counter at Christmas, no. 4878-W1; Pharmacy
Couple looking at car show room, Turin, Italy, 1960
Cuba - Castro
Doyle's Pharmacy, no. 19434-W1; Pharmacy
Eldon Powell Florists
Exterior of Mading's Drugs, no. 337; Pharmacy
Falstaff Beer company truck
Flour sack, no. 2090; Grocery stores
Goodyear store
Hartzog Supermarket Annual