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1979 questionnaire survey by the House television broadcasting system for the Committee on House Administration, U.S. House of Representatives
Letter from Charles Rose to Jack Brooks, November 14, 1979
Letter from Jack Brooks to a local TV and radio executive, June 1, 1960
Letter from Jack Brooks to Max Kampelman, November 7, 1967
Letter from KPRC Radio Company to Jack Brooks, November 12, 1973
Letter from local TV and radio executive to Jack Brooks, May 30, 1960
Letter from Max Kampelman to Jack Brooks, October 17, 1967
Memo from Jack Brooks to Lyndon B. Johnson on joint television show, February 16, 1959
Memo on telecast concerning report on schools in the Soviet Union, February 18, 1960
News release, December 18, 1974
News release, July 31, 1977
Television appearance agreement, March 18, 1970