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Additional Federal Costs Associated with the Operation of President Nixon's Properties at Key Biscayne and San Clemente, undated
Additional Views of Hon. John N. Erlenborn and Hon. John W. Wydler, undated
Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing, June 27, 1973
Biographical Sketch of Congressman Jack Brooks, Second District of Texas, undated
Breakdown of voting on Brooks motion to strike Title II from the Public Works Conference report, January 29, 1976
Brooks unit probes distribution of federal surplus property, February 9, 1972
Budget, undated
Chairman statement second day, October 11, 1973
Closing statement of Congressman Jack Brooks ending hearings on increased efficiency and effectiveness in the management and use of data processing techniques, July 20, 1967
Comments from Jack Brooks to Chet Holifield, Chairman of the Government Operations Committee, December 12, 1974
Copy of Statement by Arthur F. Sampson, March 23, 1974
Draft of a Committee on Government Operations resolution regarding subpeonas related to its investigation into the expenditure of federal funds on private properties, [February 28, 1973]
Draft of statement on the release of the Government Activities Subcommittee report on the investigation into the federal expenditure of funds in connection to President Nixon's private homes, circa 1974
Draft statement, [August 1973]
Draft statement, [August 1973]
Excerpt from Texas Monthly article, May 1976
Fact sheet, undated [1973]
Government Activities Subcommittee activities report, 91st Congress, August 6, 1970
Government Operations Committee in the 94th Congress, September 24, 1974
Government Operations Committee news release announcing congressional investigation, July 12, 1973