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Academic Freedom News –  Student Committee for Academic Freedom
Article: "UT names Fred Akers new coach" with handwritten note
Attachment 1: The Appointment of The First Board of Regents, April 1, 1881
Attachment 2: The Convening of the First Meeting of the Board of Regents, November 15, 1881
Attachment 3: Getting Ready to Start, 1881-82: The First Board of Regents
Award presented to Lorene Rogers, Distinguished Alumna 1976
Background material for Main University Advisory Council 75th Year Observance
Group shot of Deans of Women
Letter and newspaper clipping regarding choosing of new football coach
Letter from A. A. Rooker, Men's Intramural Director, to Dr. Norman Hackerman, President
Letter from John R. Silber concerning the possible division of the College of Arts and Sciences
Letter from Nelson G. Patrick regarding attached rough draft of letter
Letter from President Lorene L. Rogers regarding choosing of new head football coach
Letter from President Prather to Department of Agriculture, Insurance, Statistics and History with historical sketch and university statistics
Letter from Rhea H. Williams, Chairman, Intramural Sports Committee to Dr. Norman Hackerman, President
Letter from Stephen H. Spurr to Dr. William Doty with attached note
Letters regarding an organ recital in October
Materials related to a proposed Division of Recreation
Memo from SC (Susan Clagett) to SBP (Shirley Bird Perry) regarding research done on Judge Thomas Moore Harwood, a member of the University's first Board of Regents.
Memo regarding Administrative Reorganization of the University