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Additional Views of Congressman Jack Brooks, undated
Address by Joseph A. Califano, Jr. before the Harvard Law School Association of the District of Columbia at the Washington Hotel, January 17, 1974
Answers to charges concerning the President's personal finances, December 8, 1973
The appearance of guilt, Washington Post, Monday, April 22, 1974
Background Information: White House Staff and President Nixon's Campaign Organizations, May 9, 1974
Chapter CXCIV, Function of the House in Impeachment, undated
Congressional Research Service report regarding Brook's request for alternatives to the present method of selecting nominees for the Vice Presidency, undated
Congressman Peter W. Rodino announces the results of the January 24 meeting of the Judiciary Committee's Advisory Committee on its impeachment inquiry, January 24, 1974
Document titled "President's Retirement," undated
Draft Articles of Impeachment, July 1974
Edmund Burke quote on impeachment,1839
Filling a vacancy in the Office of Vice President of the United States, October 10, 1973
Flug 3/79
Gift of "La Casa Pacifica", December 8, 1973
Handwritten and typed lists of people who could corroborate information related to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon, October 1973
Handwritten notes by Jack Brooks regarding possible articles of impeachment against President Nixon, undated [1974]
Handwritten notes related to the Watergate investigation, April 30, 1974
House of Representatives report of proceedings: hearing held before the Committee on the Judiciary re: Impeachment Inquiry, July 23, 1974
Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, undated
Information from the 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972 federal income tax returns of Richard M. Nixon and Patricia R. Nixon, December 8, 1973