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; Gas stations-misc.
500 bbl. oil tank, Wooten, Larsen, Hawlen, Brasier, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]
502 Topila
93 years a leader in the 100 years of the Oil Industry
"A Life in Oil: The Story of Tex Moncrief"
A. R. Dillard Interview
A. R. Dillard Interview [part 1 of 3]
A. R. Dillard Interview [part 2 of 3]
A. R. Dillard Interview [part 3 of 3]
Abdullah the Arab won
Abdullah the Arab won
Acree, Fred, papers
Adkins, Walter Scott, papers
[Aerial view of oil wells]
[Al Jennings and unidentified young woman]
[Al Jennings (center), J, Frank Norfleet ? (right), and unidentified man]
Al Jennings, Roy W. Aldrich, and Elfego Baca
Aldrich, Roy Wilkinson, papers
Alexander Balfour Patterson Interview
Alexander Balfour Patterson Interview [part 1 of 5]