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10th Annual Corn Festival
11/6/1794-11/30/1794, pp. 1-2
13th Floor Elevators & The Conqueroo Dance Concert
13th Floor Elevators, etc., Dance, Concert, Lightshow
13th Floor Elevators / Shiva's Headband
16th Annual Spayum-A- Rama
1962 Oiler Highlights
1980 Austin Punk Poster Art
1987 Brooks 12 D.S. [Report on Peace Corps, with guest Sargent Shriver]
2 Nice Girls / Child Bearing Hips
[2 Songs, Performers Unknown] Unlabeled [Side A]
2000 Alta Vista
25th Infantry Division Tropic Lighting Poster
2nd Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper
30th Annual Art Students Exhibition - Opening
5 Min. Campaign Film for 1964 Senate Race. Testimonials For [From] JFK and LBJ.
500 bbl. oil tank, Wooten, Larsen, Hawlen, Brasier, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]
7160 Brooks, Spot-1, 14 60
799 Brooks Positive
8/22/1786-10/3/1786, pp. 1-6