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[Letter from Fred Carleton to John L. Haynes regarding the sale of the Martinez heir's land]
[Letter from John L. Haynes to his wife Angelica]
[Letter from F.W. Chandler to John L. Haynes regarding their continued disagreement]
[Card photograph of a man]
[McKinley Manual Training School yearbook]
[Letter from John L. Haynes to George S. Boutwell regarding a letter addressed to him requesting Haynes' removal from office]
[Personal note written by John L. Haynes]
[Event at Beaumont, Texas]
[Account book]
[Letter to John L. Haynes from Noah Cox regarding cases currently at trial]
[McKinley Manual Training School yearbook]
Special Orders No. 79
[Note regarding money lent by John L. Haynes]
Mary Van Buren, New Star in ¥Cousin Louisa¥ - Daly's Theatre
Special Orders No. 26
[Copies of correspondence between Noah Cox and F.W. Chandler by telegram and letter]