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Martin Luther King assignment
Letter from Lady Bird Johnson
Ball State Women's Lecture
Frances Farenthold
Letter from a constituent to Jack Brooks, February 11, 1964
What is BEM?
Henry B. Gonzalez campaign pamphlet
Weekly Morning Meeting Kickoff
Govenor George Wallace
West Virginia Public Radio-Molly Ivins (Molly Ivins at the Ned Chilton Leadership Lecture)
San Antonio news article on filibuster
Molly Ivins NPR Commentaries
Molly Ivins on KQED Forum San Francisco. "Molly, Me, and Music Makes Three: In Dolby C. Followed by Songs to Separate Skeptics from Cynics
799 Brooks Positive
campaign brochure
Letter from a local party figure to Jack Brooks, March 25, 1965
Constance Baker Motley, NAACP attorney
"Young Radicals: Mrs. Finch Hits ’the Landlords’"
James Meredith entering Old Miss; Martin Luther King assignment
Letter from John R. Schmidhauser to Jack Brooks, July 19, 1965