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Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Gobernador (ad interim), 8 April 1835. (Marcial Borrego). See S818.
Método Curativo...
First vessel loaded with export oil at Port Arthur docks
Empresa General de Tabacos. See S965.
Manifiesto al Estado
Coahuila and Texas (Mexican state). Congreso Constitucional. Decree No. 106. (11 September 1829).
Oil finding device
Mexico (republic). Presidente Interino, 1836-1838 (José Justo Corro). Variant of S885.
Mexico (republic). Laws. (April 9, 1836). Variant of S875.
Shipping oil, Story Farm, oil regions of Pennsylvania: Oil and Gas Collection
Duke Number 1
El Gobernador del Estado de Coahuila y Texas, a sus habitantes.
Horses pulling steam tractor engine
El Ciudadano Mariano Arista General en...
Tehuantepec. Comandante del Batallón (Domingo Rodmires). See S843, S844, S845.
Oil tank cars on the loading docks at Tampico, Mex.
Mexico (republic). Laws. (February 10, 1840). See S957 and S957.1
Interior of the pumping station at Horconcitos: put 50,000 barrels of oil per day into Tampico
Duke Number 1