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Interior of the pumping station at Horconcitos: put 50,000 barrels of oil per day into Tampico
Oil tank cars on the loading docks at Tampico, Mex.
Map of Western Virginia issued by Chemical Petroleum Company of New York [showing oil deposits and wells]
Barbeque given by management to native workmen.  American waited on Mexican.  At Ebano.  Christmas celebrations 1912.
Oil finding device
Shipping oil, Story Farm, oil regions of Pennsylvania: Oil and Gas Collection
Tank farm No. 1 at Tampico Terminal Station
Stanford Gasoline Plant, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]
Boss Tong and native laborers preparing to build a rig at La Pitahaya
Tres Hermanos, otherwise known as La Pithaya
Bridge building near Cerro Azul in the Tampico Field
[Stock certificate for 1,200 five dollar shares in the Bennyhoof Petroleum Company, Benj. L. (Eshleman?)]
[Letter urging investment in the Chemical Petroleum Company, New York]
Pulling machine, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]
Warehouse of the Huasteca Petroleum Company
500 bbl. oil tank, Wooten, Larsen, Hawlen, Brasier, [Minnesota Oil and Refining Company site]