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Bess Lomax Hawes
Oil derrick
Interior of the pumping station at Horconcitos: put 50,000 barrels of oil per day into Tampico
"Three John Lomaxes"
Lomax family at the American Folklife Festival
Duke Number 1 - After Fire - Desdemona
Joanna Lesley
Lomax family men with dogs
Oil derrick in marsh
Inventing the West: A Symposium on America's Western Experience
Barrett Wendell
Lomax family
People near a body of water
John A. Lomax Jr.
Wooden oil tanks body of water
Horses pulling steam tractor engine
Kingsland #1 and "Tex" Thornton, Gibson-McMillan Lease
Portrait of Bess Baumann Brown Lomax
Ruby Terrill Lomax